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“Can’t repeat the past?” We’ll see about that. Literary Traveler hits the road with The Great Gatsby in the pilot of a new travel showLiterary Traveler is excited to announce that we are turning our much-loved website into a series for web or television.

Watch the above video to learn more about us and our vision for Literary Traveler!

We are passionate about the stories we tell, of authors’ lives and places that inspire them. We wish to shoot a 30-minute pilot episode of a literary travel show that will look at the places inextricably connected to writers and their work.

These fascinating stories are presented by visiting places important to the writer and by taking unique journeys related to that writer’s life and inspirations.

Each episode will include interviews with a mix of regional experts and academic scholars on the writers profiled. We’ll highlight what the places meant for each particular writer and discuss how viewers can visit the locations featured in the program.

With funding, our pilot episode will go inside F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. An iconic novel of the Jazz Age, with settings that range from Louisville, to Long Island, to NYC, we believe that Gatsby provides the perfect entry point for our literary series.
What sets us apart?

We are a travel show with a literary and historical edge! Popular travel programs offer presentations of destinations, piquing an interest in exploring the unknown through travel. Documentaries and historical programs often delve into the history of a writer’s life and work, providing an overview. This series would bridge the gap between the two genres. Combining the two provides a more hands-on way to experience a work of literature, surrounded by the sights and sounds that our beloved authors experienced, seeing the world through their eyes, sharing in their journey and in turn seeing your own world and travel experiences in a new way.

This television series is a perfect match for an educated, engaged audience that loves history and literature, but is also excited by travel and exploring new ideas and places.