Why Wouldn’t We Change the Idiom “In your Dreams!” to “In Nicholas Sparks’ Books!”?

Why Wouldn’t We Change the Idiom “In Your Dreams!” to “In Nicholas Sparks’ Books!”?

“In your dreams!” is a phrase which indicates that something someone wants is unlikely to happen, moreover, is never going to happen. The Nicholas Sparks’ books are so romantic and his characters are so perfect that cause disbelief.
While reading books we put our brains to work. Reading is not only our brain’s exercise, by reading books we are growing, changing and we boost our creativity depending on the type of books we are reading. Books are miracles. The sheets of papers unfold worlds after worlds for us and they let us live in some other places, on some other planets, some other lives. It literally opens our minds to new possibilities and new ideas helping us experience and analyze the world through other’s lives. However, we often relate and compare those lives to our own or people we know.
Unfortunately, Nicholas Sparks’ characters are so idealistic and actions and plots so unbelievable that we can’t relate them to reality. In Nicholas Sparks’ novels, women are gorgeous, men handsome and they are “fated” to be together. Cruel and difficult circumstances might drive them apart for a certain period of time but fate will bring them back together because they were meant to be together. His dramatic romance novels (even though he prefers calling them “love stories”) however are very popular. Someone once said that Nicholas Sparks is Disney for grown-ups. Well, I am not sure if I agree with this.
The excess of emotion in his books is something that his books are famous for. They often bring tears to our eyes. Through all deaths, breakups, illnesses, crazy stalkers, a feeling of true love is always in the background. And we know, sometimes from the very start of the book, that the main characters will end up being together and loving each other crazily, no matter if one of them is doomed to die until the end of the book. Love is forever. And everything seems so beautiful. Real passion, true love, perfect good-looking characters who don’t give up no matter what, and who fight steadfastly and refuse to quit even if the circumstances are hard and against them. They seem to have a superpower.
Their perfect love, marriages, passion let us all think, why can’t this be a reality? Well, the reality is a bit crueler. No love story and no marriage is perfect. There are ups and downs, and if we don’t put efforts to make them work, they would easily fail. Often, in reality, it is not always love and passion that matters. There is a financial side, family problems, health issues, boredom after some time, routine.

The couple has to go the extra mile and put efforts to make their relationship work. They will go through hardships and if they decide not to surrender their marriage or relationship will last long. Communication, respect and mutual understanding are what matters. And even though the idea of romantic love which concurs everything lingers in every girl’s head before she gets married or enters a relationship, reality shows that there is much more we need to know.

Marriages and relationships are not fairy tales. They request a lot of work and compromises, but if partners love each other and are ready to venture onto this journey called “marriage”, “relationship” or “partnership”, they will put efforts to maintain it and share all those happy moments they create and are responsible for. Like all things in life, you will learn that you get what you put in. And there will be always a lot more to learn.

And back to Nicholas Sparks’ books. Well, I am not against him and his books. Quite the opposite! I have read many of his books. They are great entertainment and a temporary escape from sometimes unpleasant reality. They are like a dream we enjoy. And they should be exactly that. Dreamy. If you start relating them to reality you might be disappointed. They don’t describe reality. But they help us become better people. They show us that love is important and that we should not live without it. And they let us be kids at least while we are reading them since they resemble fairy tales. And we all should cherish
those children in us.
Ana Vidosavljevic from Serbia currently living in Indonesia. She is a teacher, international relations specialist, writer, journalist, translator, interpreter, surfer and mom-to-be. Her collection of short stories Mermaids will be published by Adelaide Books in September 2019, and a memoir Flower Thieves will be published by the same publishing house in April 2020.
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