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Have you ever wondered how rich and famous recharge and re-energize? Have you ever wondered what is the closest science has gotten to creating the elixir of youth? Well then you will want to learn more about the cutting edge luxury of Clinique La Prairie.

Since its opening in 1931 Clinique La Prairie has been focused on combining longevity and preventative treatments with excellent service and luxurious accommodations. Clinique La Prairie is a holistic health & wellness retreat that combines a luxury five-star hotel and a renowned private clinic. Guests have the choice of staying in the newly renovated Château building overlooking the Alps and Lake Geneva, the historic La Résidence from which Dr. Paul Niehans conducted his pioneering research into longevity, the Medical Center where hospitalized guests can recuperate in luxury or the private retreat in Verbier which is an option for those undergoing Master Detox or Revitalisation programs.

Clinique La Prairie became famous catering to the very wealthy after Dr. Paul Niehans began administering injections made from fetal lamb liver. Now the focus of Clinique La Prairie’s research is human stem cells; a program that piloted in 2019 involves stem cell extraction and reinjection into the body.

The first day of all Clinique La Prairie’s programs is dedicated to creating a personalized experience through rigorous testing and consultation. All programs are built on 4 pillars of longevity: medical care, nutrition, movement, and wellbeing. Each guest receives a personalized menu that is executed by award-winning chefs and the Medical Center employs 50 leading specialists offering checkups, personalized advice, and an array of a la carte services for boosting health and longevity.

Revitalisation is Clinique’s hallmark longevity program that promises to boost the immune system through a holistic approach combining expert medical care, nutrition, and cell regeneration technology. The hallmark element of the program is the sheep’s liver extract – the CLP Extract, which is taken with a biostimulant injection and provides cell regeneration. The program lasts 6 days and seeks to slow down aging and boost the immune system while increasing energy and balance. Revitalisation Premium is an even more intense and personalized version of the signature program tailored to the guest’s exact DNA profile.

Renowned for medical excellence and cutting-edge technology since its opening it’s no wonder that Clinique La Prairie has quickly adapted to the current COVID pandemic. All staff from doctors to limousine drivers now wear masks and rooms and common areas are now disinfected even more stringently.

Although Clinique La Prairie is well known for its luxurious approach to longevity and cutting-edge medical treatments it also offers programs focused on wellbeing and beauty. Clinique La Prairie’s wellbeing programs focus on detox, weight loss, better sleep, and rebalancing. The Master Detox program aims to boost the immune system and slow down aging by eliminating toxins and effects of stress. Clinique La Prairie even has an Executive Vitality program designed for senior management teams promising stress relief and better connection.

Nuriya Saifulina graduated from Harvard where she studied Economics and Psychology and wrote for the Harvard Crimson. Her favorite experience was studying abroad in Milan and Siena where she got to participate in the preparations for the Palio.


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