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(Editor’s Note: We do receive a significant amount of submissions, which makes the process fairly selective. For another option, please see our section on how to Become a Contributor)

The articles we publish highlight the beauty and struggle of people who create, and the places that nurture them. Articles are not necessarily limited to their writers’ experiences; some may be informative about place and artist. Articles should include reference to both a place and a literary (or artistic) work and include a parallel or personal experience that connects the two.

To see the types of articles we typically publish, enjoy a few of our popular articles before sending a pitch: A Rainy Day in Jackson for Miss Eudora WeltyFreya Stark’s AfghanistanThe Irrational Allure of Writers’ Houses; and Queen Mary 2 Interview with Joanne Harris.

That said, if you have an article in mind that is a bit outside the box but may be in tune with the site, please pitch us as we are always open to new ideas and angles.


1000 – 2000 words in length; accompany article with 1-4 photographs if possible.


Literary Traveler runs material that has not been previously published. We hold exclusive rights, and keep articles archived on the web.


While we do not pay for most contributions, we do provide considerable exposure for your writing on an established website, an opportunity to expand your portfolio, and a chance to reach new readers through our social media channels. As we develop relationships with specific writers, this is subject to change (rates are based on experience, the quality of the work, and other factors). We also encourage writers to submit a short bio and a link to their personal website, which will accompany your article. We want to create collaborative, working relationships with writers, and we are always looking for new writers to add to our roster.

How to Submit:

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If your work is accepted, we will give you a time-frame for publication.

Recent Editorial Ideas: 

Recently our content has been focused around specific themes, and we have decided to mix these up a bit so that they don’t necessarily hold to a single month. We also welcome submissions that fall outside these themes, but give a little more preference to those that can fit smoothly into a certain theme. Please keep this in mind when pitching; we’re more likely to accept and publish your piece if it reflects our editorial goals. But if you have a great story to tell please, please send it along.

A Sample of Some Recent Literary Traveler Themes

Theme: Relaxation and Creativity
What is it about the relationship between place and creativity and how is it that certain places allow us the freedom to reach a deeper level of creativity? What happens when we are in a place of comfort that let’s us relax and connect to our creativity. We will look at places in nature, and urban settings, spa’s and retreats of all shapes and sizes.

Theme: Water
As the weather warms up, we begin thinking about water. We’re looking for stories about oceanic travel, scuba diving, lake exploration, or even island living. This is all about getting closer to the bodies of water that enrich our lives. Sailing narratives are particularly welcome, but we’re excited to read any watery tales.

Theme: Great Outdoors
From Thoreau to Bill Bryson, we want to get into the woods. Hiking, biking, camping and more. This theme will be about traveling to outdoor destinations. But it doesn’t need to be all about roughing it. There are many gorgeous, luxurious places to travel where one can get closer to nature and enjoy all the amenities of modern life.

Theme: Family
Family vacation is a time-honored tradition. Over the summer, we’ll look at family ties, family connections, and traveling with a family. We’ll talk good destinations, bad vacations, bonding experiences, and childhood memories.

Theme: Education
A rich life is one in which we never stop learning. In the spirit of back-to-school, during the fall we will think about life lessons, educational experiences, and our favorite teachers. We’ll talk traveling abroad in college, and learning later in life.

Theme: The Macabre
Halloween is coming, and we’re going to talk about ghost stories, supernatural classics, and the art of the costume. Accepting stories on everything from seeking Dracula in Eastern Europe to celebrating the day of the dead in Mexico.

Theme: Food
Eating well is an integral part of good travel. Towards the end of the year, we will focus on food. Great restaurants, great fictional dishes, foodie destinations, and more.

Theme: Remembrance
As the year winds down, we will talk about memory. From Proust to Frost, authors have always been inspired by—and obsessed with—their personal past. How do we understand the past? How do we document it? What can it teach us?

Theme: Literary Movies – The Fauxscars
Around the first of the year we will celebrate our 6th annual Fauxscars series, in which we choose the best movies based upon a written work (be it a graphic novel or a short story), and we will be focused on movies that have literary connections.

Please send us ideas your for themes or and if you want to be a guest editor for an upcoming theme!



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