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May 2 – 6, 2013

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Bradbury, Algren, Bellow, Brooks, Chandler, Hansberry, Sandburg , Terkel. The list goes on. We will pull from this pool of
authors to find the words that best reveal her story. Together we will read and discuss the books of Chicago.


It’s a crossroad, a place of rough politics and a “can do” people. It’s a town that loves its winners. WWI hadn’t happened when “the ball team” last won The Series. It’s a broad- shouldered city that makes no small plans. Its river runs backwards and its buildings were the first to scrape the sky. Its people play in a 30 mile lakefront park, own the largest collection of impressionists, and serve up a pizza that dares you to finish. If the belly craves it, it’s cooking here. If your ears long for it, you’ll hear it here. It’s home for some 2.5 million and annually 36 million make it a vacation. It has a great story to tell and it tells it well. It’s a great read. It’s Chicago.


Our spring visit to the Windy City focuses on three of the city’s most exciting chapters: art, architecture, and literature.

About town, we’ll encounter sculpture by Miro, Picasso, Chagall, Dubuffet and Anish Kapoor. The Art Institute of Chicago has a superb collection of European and American 19th and early 20th Century paintings and sculptures. We will focus on some of Sean’s favorites including: Edgar Degas, George Inness, Cecilia Beaux, John Singer Sargent, and Edward Hopper. There will also be an opportunity for people to nominate paintings for us to discuss as a group. Together we will read and discuss the art of Chicago.

Chicago is an architectural Mecca. The works of Sullivan, Adler, Wright, Gerhy, Helmut Jan, et al, fill our streets. We will tour the heart of the Loop—inside and out—with one of the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s first class guides.


Sean Forester, a classical painter, has led seminars for Classical Pursuits in Toronto and in Florence, Italy. He studied at St. John’s College and at Cambridge University as a Rotary scholar. Sean has an abiding interest in the relationship between literature and art. He looks forward to exploring this topic in Chicago.

David Schmitt, originally a small town boy, made his way to Chicago to earn his architecture degree, and he stayed because he loves it so damn much!

Gary Schoepfel resides in Chicago. He thinks Chicago is one of the best “playing” fields in North America. Classical Pursuits has taken Gary around the world reading, discussing, and traveling with many fine folks. He looks forward to your visit to his town.


US$1995 per person

Fee includes books, accommodation based on double occupancy, two meals a day, discussions, tours, excursions and admissions.


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