Kontiki Expeditions: Bookings For Small-Yacht Expeditions Will Begin This Fall

By Michael Yazbeck

It has been a difficult year so far for cruise lines, with much of them closing due to the growing threat of COVID-19. Amidst the closings, it appears that Kontiki Expeditions will be taking bookings for their small-yacht expeditions this coming fall. These cruise lines will take travelers to the Ecuadorian coast for immersing into the wildlife and exotic locations. This gives travelers something to look forward to after several cruise lines suffered closings (assuming that the fall openings will still be happening by then).

During the cruise, travelers can experience all kinds of activities such as meditation, adventure, Ecuadorian culture, and relaxation. There is something to be had for everyone.

On the yacht, travelers can indulge in activities such as water sports, connecting with others, spas, and many more. Some travelers can rest on the yacht and read books as long as they wish, while others can meet other travelers and mingle.  important to talk about the health and safety protocols for Kontiki. If travelers consider booking for Kontiki Expeditions, they should review the health and safety policies. This is to ensure that travelers know how to keep clean and keep their distance from others. Travelers can view the health and safety policies on this link https://kontikiexpeditions.com/en/health-policy/.

For those looking to book travel reservations on Kontiki Expeditions, the expeditions last for eight days. On the expeditions, travelers will find an assortment of places to see, things to do, and foods to eat. While on the yacht, travelers will discover services such as a jacuzzi and a gym, and they can soak up the locales that the yacht will take them. https://kontikiexpeditions.com/en/expeditions/ for more information.

The cruises begin December this year.

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Michael Yazbeck graduated Umass Boston in the spring of 2019, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and concentration in Professional Writing.

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