Travel Deals to Satisfy your Wandering Mind: The Bay Area

As I often sit on the San Francisco transportation and allow it to take me to my destination, I find myself daydreaming of my recent adventure across this beautiful country.

My mind retraces to all the amazing, memorable moments and how I wish that soon again I would be on the road. Traveling is not only an adventure for me, but it is a time to be free of the daily stress and daily uncertainty of what am I going to do with life? I feel that more often than not I am ‘boogled down’ by this uncertainty and feel the need to endlessly search for a tangible answer. When I travel I feel as if this answer is right in front of me, as if this answer is unimportant, a mere speck of what is truly out there. When I travel, the stress and this mere speck are weightless distractions behind me.

As I was nearing the end of my trip across the country, I found myself at Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was enchanting. The color of the mountainside against the beautiful blue sky and forest green trees on my way towards the entrance, promised an indelible afternoon.

Entrance fee was $9.25, but well worth the hike and afternoon out of the car.

Seven Falls is located in the South Cheyenne Canyon and received it’s title based upon the water which cascades from 181 feet in seven distinct steps. The water falls from the southern edge of Pikes Peak and allows for a picturesque, tranquil sight.

In addition to the waterfalls, Seven Falls has 2 hiking trails: Trail to Inspiration Point and Trail to Midnight Fall. The Trail to Inspiration Point is a mile long, intermediate hike that is the location of the original gravesite of Helen Hunt Jackson. Helen Hunt Jackson was a writer of the 1800s best known for her interest in the mistreating of American Indians by government agents. This hike was a great way to stretch my legs and breath heavy as the hill sat in front of me. The sun was beautiful as it set upon the mountainside and the clouds swiftly moved across the evening sky.

Seven Falls is a gem of this country. It is a secluded area, with rushing water as its soundtrack. It is a great place to become in touch with nature and breath the amazing fresh air that this earth offers.

This is one of my current Top 10 places to visit in America.

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